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Tabitha Gammer (b.1999) is an emerging artist from South Oxfordshire. Her studio practice consists of figurative works on paper exploring the aesthetics of candid imagery.

She currently works for Oxfam. In her spare time she runs the crit group Candid and volunteers for the mental health charity Shout. 


StatementMy process is to gather material that inspires me; I focus predominantly on themes surrounding feminism, sustainability and spirituality. I'm interested in how our individual expressions of taste, formed through nature and nurture, interact to create our sensate world. By depicting our unguarded moments I aim to reveal the subtleties of our social realities and contextualise them within a sensitive, playful, critical theory of art. I'm drawn towards uncertainty, using sparse decoration to reify an instant whilst preserving its impermanence. Figuring out how to represent discomfort, desire, disappointment is vital in connecting the countless conflicting aesthetics which surround us. By harnessing my distinctive style to capture the complicated interplay of relationships between artist, subject and viewer I’m uncovering common ground in our suppressed or hidden feelings only visible in our unconscious selves. I’m inspired by artists Marlene Dumas, Noah Davis and Sophia Al-Maria whose ethereal use of colour and composition bears witness to, and tolerates, unpredictability. I’m also influenced by socially engaged film and performance; favourite works include From Gulf to Gulf to Gulf (CAMP, 2013) and Sleeping Beauty (Taras Polataiko, 2021). As a result, the theme of collective responsibility is infused in my practice, reflecting my personal values. I hope to create similarly touching, sometimes provocative, work.



2018-21                              BA Fine Art                                                     University of the West of England 



2023                                   Hi, Hey! Hello                                                 Dog and Bone Gallery

2023                                   People and Place                                           Kreiva Gallery

2022                                   We Are Sorry to Inform You                            Lapsus

2022                                   PROXY                                                           IKLECTIK           

2021                                   Picturing Lockdown                                        Stradling Gallery

2021                                   UWE Fine Art Degree Show                           Spike Island

2021                                   RBA Rising Stars 2021                                   ROSL

2019                                   New Series                                                     The Vestibules




2021                                   Gut Feelings                                                  TACO!

2021                                   Near and Far                                                 Camden Art Centre

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